Bombay Bible College And Seminary
Bombay Bible College and Seminary (BBC&S) is an integral part of our Greater Grace Church and offers Christians an opportunity to study the Word of God in depth and receive training for practical ministry and missions…
About Bombay Bible College And Seminary (BBC&S)
The Bombay Bible College & Seminary is recognized by and affiliated to the Maryland Bible College & Seminary in Baltimore (MBC&S), USA.

At the BBC&S, Mumbai, our teachers are all graduates of Seminary and have many years of ministerial experience.
What We Offer
  • A Two Year Diploma in Biblical Studies
  • A Three Year Post Graduate Diploma in Biblical Studies
  • A Four Year Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

Our curriculum covers in depth teaching of all the books of the Bible and also courses in Counselling, Missions, Church Planting, Pastoral Ministry and Church Leadership

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Value Of A Bible College Education
Students are equipped to:
  • Skilfully teach the Word of God
  • Minister the Word of God with a finished work perspective in counselling situations
  • Develop the skills and values they need to be spiritual leaders
  • Win souls, make disciples and plant churches
Students Are Exposed To
Mission trips where they experience cross cultural ministry, meet missionaries on the field and use their God given gifts in various evangelistic settings in villages, towns and cities. Many return with transformed lives and a deeper sense of their call to serve God.

If you have a call from God for missions and church planting, and desire to have a Bible college training with practical ministry experience you may contact us at: BBC&S :

Note: Sponsorships to BBC&S may be granted to suitable candidates after an in depth interview.
View A Sample Class
How Bible College Has Changed Lives
Rajan Nadar ( Businessman)
My life was in total ruins and despair. Attending Bible college and a great church made a big impact on my life. I experienced a total turn around in my life. I put God first in my life and I saw HIM restoring all the broken pieces and crafting out a Master plan for my life.
Satish Mistry ( Pastor)
I was very young when my father died and I was put in an orphanage.I had no idea about God or the Bible. My teachers at the orphanage, were all graduates of BBC&S. Their lives and the stories they told, captivated me. I wanted a life like that. I wanted to do Bible college. I did my Bible college in the Hindi faculty of BBC&S. My other educational qualifications are nothing that I can ever boast about. Like the apostles who were uneducated and untrained men, but spoke with so much wisdom, because they were with Jesus. I am what I am today, because of my Bible college education. Now, I am a Bible teacher in the Hindi faculty and a Pastor . God had a way of preparing me for his use ..
Mala Kachchap ( Working Executive)
I was born in a Christian Family, traditional to the core. I grew up knowing a few Psalms, Bible stories, went to church regularly, but had no knowledge of the finished work of the Christ. I was empty and had a desire to know GOD more. I attended Christian meeting,  but my desire to know the Bible was not fulfilled. I wanted to attend some Bible College , but I was told that either I will have to leave my Job or take study leave. Soon I moved to Mumbai because of my job and got to know about BBC&S. In spite of having a very hectic job schedule, God helped me to attend the Bible college classes that were held in the evening and weekends. They were absolutely amazing..I just graduated with a 3 year diploma. 
Pastor Shekhar V.M.
Bible college has helped me to deepen the roots of my newly found faith in Christ. I got to know the Nature and Character of God as revealed in the Bible. This helped me to get rid of my misconceptions about God. It taught me Humility as I discovered the Greatness of God.I liked the Finished Work Emphasis in every course.Bible College helped me to see Life and Circumstances from the standpoint of the Bible. The deep questions of my heart that lingered for many many years, were answered. The questions such as life, death and life after death. I found a new excitement to live life for God. It helped me to Mature as a Christian. It also helped me in my horizontal relationships - marriage, kids, church etc.Bible College  along with the encouragement from my Pastor helped me to discover my spiritual gifts.
Hema Rawat ( School Teacher)
For me Bible College is a unique opportunity to know God. I come from a Hindu background and I did not know anything about God. I used to think all Christians and Catholics are the same. In Bible Class, I got to know who God is and what He did for me. I learnt how to give myself grace. I learnt so many things that have i hidden in my heart like treasure. In times of difficulty and trials, those words become my source of encouragement and hope. I am a qualified teacher, but Bible school has given me substance in my soul, with which I can be a better teacher. It has given me tremendous confidence as I teach my children in school. My children since it and ask me what makes me different. I will never out grow Bible College. 
Yapet Lepcha ( Pastor)
When I became a Christian, I was captivated by Jesus.I would tell others about him. I was pastoring a Church, but I did not know God or His Word intimately. I wanted to grow, but there was much in the Bible that I did not understand. Then I met a friend who was in BBC&S. When he spoke from the Bible, his insights were much more than most Pastors I had heard. So I joined BBC&S .Now the Bible comes alive.I understand the historical and cultural background of the Bible, so comprehension becomes better. My preaching has much more depth now and I can answer questions from the Bible with ease. My life and ministry has changed completely.