Living in a country where Christians number just 4% of the entire population. There are ample opportunities to win souls and share the Finished work of the gospel. . Outreach is just taking the good news we have received and sharing it with others. It is our greatest joy to see people respond with tears in their eyes, because of the love of God. We provide numerous programs that give the Body the opportunity to grow in this area of their Christianity.

Weekly Soulwinning Outreach
Jesus was personally a soul winner.  He ministered on the streets of the cities and in the villages.  Throughout the gospels we see Him speaking one on one to people like Nicodemus, the woman of Samaria and many others. Each week, teams of people from our church are on the streets of Mumbai, sharing the gospel with the lost.  It is very common to see people on the streets receiving Jesus Christ as their Saviour and making a profession of faith.
Slum Ministry
Teams of people from our church are actively involved in ministring to people in slum areas across the city on a weekly basis.
Radio Ministry
For the past six years, our GG church in Mumbai has helped our GG church in Nepal to broadcast the gospel through the medium of radio across the country of Nepal. This program is called "Prem Ko Sandesh." It is estimated that over two million Nepalis have heard the gospel through this program. The ones that desire to know more about Christ are sent Bible correspondence courses. In addition to this our GG church in Mumbai has also begun a gospel radio broadcast into Afghanistan in the Pashtu and Deri languages.  
Praise March
The Praise March is a creative strategy we have to evangelize one section of the city at a time. So we rent a truck and mount our Gospel band on this beautifully decorated truck. This team sings as the truck moves on a 4 km stretch. At intervals, our preachers get up and share the clear gospel message from the truck. This creates such an attraction on the streets and people come from everywhere, some listen from their balconies as our preachers preach. At every Praise March we distribute about 40,000 to 50,000 gospel tracts.
Outreach to the Poor
An annual outreach on a Public Holiday, to the homeless and street dwellers. Tract Distribution, preaching on the streets and distribution of food packets mark this outreach.
Prison Ministry
A Ministry that has touched lives of prisoners in Mumbai and all over jail cells in Maharashtra.