Pastor Rajan and Indu Neupane - Kathmandu Nepal
Pastor Rajan and Indu Neupane, are Nepalese Christians with a burden to reach the country of Nepal with the Gospel. Pastor Rajan has a vision to have a Greater Grace Church in every one of the 75 districts of this Himalayan country. Currently, he oversees 25 churches in Nepal, with a Bible school, an orphanage and a Gospel radio program called ‘Prem Ko Sandesh’ that covers the entire country.
Pastor Aviram and Aruna Dhal
Pastor Aviram and his wife Aruna Dhal are graduates from Bombay Bible College and Seminary. They have been serving in Lucknow (North India) since 2006 and have planted 4 churches. He has trained many leaders who are now helping him take the vision forward to new areas.
Pastor Pradeep and Sumitra Limma
Pastor Pradeep and his Wife Sumitra, are serving in Orissa, which is on the Eastern Coast of India. They love the people God has called them to. He takes trips around the state, encourages fellow believers and has a burden for the lost. He is also a Bible teacher in our extension school. They have several churches in Orissa.
P. Melvin and Manoj
Greater Grace churches in Gujarat have about 25 village churches. We are thankful to P.Melvin and Manoj for their labour of love and availability to serve.
Pastor Atul and Deepa Haksar
Pastor Atul and his wife Deepa have a church in a suburb of Mumbai called SantaCruz. Their church has an extension Bible college and several weekly outreaches. He is also an instructor at the BBC&S and has a heart for missions, often making visits to our missionaries.
Pastor Shekar and Arti V.M.
Pastor Shekhar and his wife Arti have planted a growing church in a suburb of Mumbai called Borivali. They are fervent in outreaches and have started a Bible college to train leaders. They have two services – English and Hindi each week.
Pastor Roshan and Deepali D’souza
Pastor Roshan and his wife Deepali have a church in the Vasai area. He has many outreaches among the villages around Vasai. He is also the Dean of students at our missionary training centre in Vasai and teaches in our extension Bible College.
Pastor Binu and Sheetal Zachariah
Pastor Binu and Sheetal are our missionaries in Vashi, Navi Mumbai - Mumbai's twin city. The church is growing and has a vision to reach out to other places in Navi Mumbai.
Pastor Ganesh and Sindhu Wankhede
Pastor Ganesh and his wife Sindhu have a ministry in the Nallasopara area. They have planted three churches and have a work among people in the slums and the surrounding villages of the Vasai district.
Kishore and Cherie VM
Kishore and his wife Cherie are both graduates of the BBC&S and are currently planting a church in Vasai West, just outside Mumbai. They have started Bible college classes and have several outreaches in their area.
Dinesh and Meena Das
Dinesh Das and His wife Meena have planted churches in Mankhurd and Sion in Mumbai. Their church is a praying church and known for their fervent ministry of intercession.
Satish Mistry
Satish Mistry is a pastor of the Greater Grace Hindi church at Amboli, in Andheri. He is also a Bible College teacher at the BBC&S. He has a passion for souls and discipleship of new believers.
Vinod and Manda Nitnaware
Vinod and his wife Manda are graduates of BBC&S in Mumbai. They are currently planting a church in the city of Amravati in Maharashtra. Vinod has a vision to plant churches in all the neighbouring districts of Amravati and Nagpur.
Pradeep and Anjana Patrick
Pradeep and his wife Anjana are graduates of the BBC&S and are currently planting a Greater Grace Church in the city of Dehradun, in Uttarakhand. They have also started a new outreach in Loha.
Ratan and Sangeeta Gajmer
Ratan and Sangeeta are graduates of the BBC&S. They are currently planting a Greater Grace Church in Jaigaon, on the border of Bhutan. They have started a Bible college and have a vision to train leaders and plant churches in the country of Bhutan and the state of Arunachal Pradesh, in India.
Kishore Yadav
Kishore Yadav is a graduate of BBC&S. He is currently planting a church in Ranchi, in the state of Jharkhand. He also has started a Bible college and currently has some of his men training at the BBC&S in Mumbai.
Subash and Deepa
Subash and his wife Deepa are graduates of the BBC&S and are currently planting a church in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They have started Bible College classes and have a vision for the state of Rajasthan.
Yapat and Francisca Lepcha
Yapat and Francisca, are currently training at the BBC&S. They have planted a Nepali church in the Grant Road area of Mumbai city. Yapat is a fervent soul winner with a vision to start many Nepali congregations in the city of Mumbai.
Peter and Reena Rai
Peter and Reena are currently training at the BBC&S. They have planted a Nepali church in the area of Khar, in Mumbai. They work among the North East Indians and have a vision to raise leaders for that part of the country.
Peter and Susan
Peter and Susan have a burden for the Muslim world. Peter regularly travels around the country to train church leaders on how to evangelise and disciple Muslims.
Mahendra Darji and Nimma Lepcha
Sikkim, North East India has two BBC&S graduates Mahendra Darji and Nima Lepcha . The church has its base in Jorthang and through its creative outreaches and Bible college classes are seeing God add people. Pray for our team in Jorthang.
We currently have three men trained at the BBC&S who in the Chittagong hill region doing ministry.
We are currently airing the Gospel into Afghanistan in both the Pashtu and Dari languages. Translation of the New testament into Pashtu is also under way.