Radio : A Blessing To Many

Over the Mountains, where travel is not easy and sometimes it is even dangerous. In those remote places on the Himalayas - we have a wide an open door to the Word of God. Weekly - we have two broadcast reaching 2 different nations. One in Nepali which has been on Air since 2009 and one in Pashtu language. 

Letters, keep pouring in from all around the country in response to the Nepali broadcast known as the " Prem Ko Sandesh" ( Message of God's Love) About 3000 people in the hill country of Nepal have been taking our correspondence courses and one young man has joined Bible college.

Our Pashtu programming is also receiving steady response. With calls coming in from serious listeners. The messages that are aired, were crafted with utmost care and precision. We are happy that Pashtu people from all over the world can acess those messages that are archived online.