As He Preached the Earth Quaked

It was a regular Sunday morning, or so it seemed. The ushers led people to their seats, the worship was beautiful and then P. Rajan camee up to preach at the regular church service on Saturday, 25th April 2015. SUdddenly, as he preached the building began to roack violently. P. Rajan thought wow - this is the end. He prayed, If it is your time Father - we are ready. They soon realized it was the quake and all rushed out. 

Thank God our new building was safe - as it was built earthqauke resistant !!! All the church members were safe as they were all in church!! Only 5 of our Pastor's homes were destroyed and so did some church members. Please pray for our teams as they go and minister to many of the earthquake victimes in the months to come.